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Cyprus Riots, 1956/05/31

Published 1956

(1) Greeks and girls riot against British soldiers in Cyprus (3) new F-100 jets for U.S. squadrons in Germany (3) F-102A jet tests Falcon missile over New Mexico, "fired unerringly to target by electronics" (4) Venezuela builds largest earthen dam in South America (5 ) snow in Chinook pass cleared for highway 410 (6) Army amphibious truck tested in Monterey CA (7) DeSoto pace car for Indy 500 car race, won by Pat Flaherty (complete newsreel)

Production Company Universal Studios
Audio/Visual sound, b&w


Reviewer: typewriter - - September 5, 2006
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Cyprus riots
Daily deaths mark island insurrection

As rioting becomes daily more widespread on Cyprus young people of high school age taking an increasing part in the violence. Here a group of girls of the are being dispersed after an rock falling battle with British military police. Only after the use of tear-gas is the demonstration broken up. The soldiers carrying plastic shields against stones pursue the demonstrators. In addition to clashes with rebelling Greek Cypriots, the British are faced with keeping the peace between the Turkish and Greek fractions, each of which is seeking union of the island with its own country. One British army truck is bombed, killing two soldiers and wounding twelve. Diplomats vainly seek a solution to the Cyprus impace, but the strategic island continues to be the scene of daily violence and bloodshed.

News in brief


New F-100 jets go into operational service with air force squadrons in Germany, bringing the supersonic age from the experimental stage to the first line of western air defense. The super saber jet is the first supersonic fighter bomber to go into operational service overseas. A new sight and a new sound in the European skies. The air forceâs finest first line fighter.

New Mexico

Convairâs delta wing all weather interceptor, the F-102A goes a loft over New Mexico to test the Falcon, air to air guided missile. Vectored to its target from the ground, the pilot picks up the target by radar, locks on the use guiding system, the circle on his scope shrinks as it closes in at supersonic speed. On target the of Falcons is fired. Bad weather, the darkness of night, nothing can hide another aircraft from all weather interceptors armed with defensive weapons like the Falcon. Fired and guided unerringly to target by electronics.


The greatest array of earth moving equipment ever assembled in Latin America and the construction crew of three thousand labor around the clock in a frantic race to finish the largest earthen dam in South America before the tropical rains begin. Nine miles long and one hundred feet high, the huge Cordico(Guardico) dam is one of the most ambitious projects of president General Ramirez regime. It will end a century old cycle of desert and mud by harnessing the torrential tropical rains to convert some three hundred thousand acres into lush farming and cattle country. The entire top of the mountain is blasted to supply rock for the embankments, literally changing the face of the nation. The Gordico dam will channel billions of gallons of stored water through hundreds of miles of canals during the arid months, creating new life and new prosperity for Venezuela.

Chinook pass, Washington.

A rotary snow plow/plough and three bulldozers are hard at work opening the road across Chinook pass. They've got two week to do the job. Toughest in years because the snows this winter have reached forty feet in places. Chinook pass which crosses the Cascades Rains and the slopes of Mt. Rainier is the main east - west route of the U.S. highway 410. Hot work - spring is here, but it takes more than a hot sun to get rid of snowdrifts forty feet deep. Matter of fact, thereâll be snow here for the drivers to keep(get bath)(gabe at) all summer long. Hot sun, deep snow, mile high mountain scenery. All yours now that spring cleaning is done.

Monterey, California.

Meet the Drake, the army's newest amphibious truck. It's a versatile rugged eight wheel eight ton job at home or land or sea that can take a sixty degree incline in stride. Another feature of the new amphib with its all aluminium frame and hull is its tires: inflate and deflate automatically. On a hard surface they carry fifty pounds. On soft sand the pressure is dropped to eleven pounds for maximum traction. The smaller duck gets stuck, the Drake can take it! Praise the lord underway twin screws will be used when the water is deep enough and soon is and rough you wait at Monterey, California. But whatever the white waves are saying the Drake takes no back talk. Watch her tackle raging Pacific breakers. That's almost as bad as driving in Sunday traffic. The sturdy vehicle comes trough it all triumphantly even taming one of the rollers and riding it back to shore in victory.

Speed classic
Indianapolis race marked by crashes

All set for excitement as the official pace car leads the field around one lap of the famed speedway at Indianopolis. Then act one begins in the fortieth running of Auto racings Great American Classic. Thirty three of the world's fastest racing cars roar away in a five hundred mile test of men and machines. One skids out of control, another swirls? to avoid the collision, the first in a heart-stopping series of accidents that kept the yellow caution flag flying for more than an hour. All told, twelve cars cracked up, but luckily no one was killed. There were some mighty close calls. That was a close call. Due to the mishaps the winner's average speed was slower than anticipated and as the checkered flag drops Pat Flaherty in his Zinc special roars home a winner by twenty two seconds.
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